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Features of ExamSim 5.5
Independant Client
User need to download the ExamSim client only, without the excess package of unneccesary exams. Download size has been greatly reduced for your convenience.

Live Update
With the Live Update feature, users are able to check for trial exam updates, updates for purchased exams and new plugins. Live Update provide users the means of an updated ExamSim client and the latest exam available from their supplier.

Exams as Plugins
Exams will now be treated as a plugin, whereby users will only download the exams that they had purchased.

Realtime Chat
An integrated chat system that will allow users to interact with our trainers or support team. The chat system will allow users who are connected to the Internet to discuss or share their opinions or views.

Chapterised Exams
A chapterised version of questions, so users will be able to chose the chapter they would like to test and study. Results will be displayed according chapters.

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