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The Liberator provides a cost-effective network emulator/simulator for development, test and demonstration of ASDL CPE equipment. Liberator provides the appearance of a live Internet connection. The Liberator is an excellent tool for ADSL product developers, test engineers, test technicians, and field sales representatives who benefit from connecting their products to a virtual Internet in a controlled environment.

Data Sheet (pdf format)


Liberator replaces three complex network elements:

DSL Access Multiplexor (DSLAM)
Service Node
Internet Server

Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) developers can use Liberator for network development, performance testing and interoperability testing.
Marketing and Sales Managers can use for portable demonstrations at a customer site or tradeshow.
Liberator is also ideal for field testing or quick verification of modems and other CPE equipment by Test Engineers and Field Technicians.

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