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CCNP Practice Tests



About Cisco(R) CCNP certification: CCNP (Cisco (R) Certified Network Professional) is awarded by Cisco(R) on successful completion of all the four individual exams BSCI (Routing) 640-901, Switching 640-604, Remote Access 640-605, and Support 640-606 exams. Note that the exams 640-901, 640-604, and 640-605 count towards ccdp certification as well. Passing Ccna is a pre-requisite for obtaining CCNP certification.
SimulationExams.com practice tests for CCNP covers the objectives of the individual exams. Each of these consists of 3 individual tests and most questions carry detailed explanations. The questions types include multiple choice, true/false, and exhibit based questions. Two modes are available 1. Test mode, and 2. Review mode. Test mode is timed and the candidate is expected to complete the test within specified time. The review mode allows a candidate to quickly review the correct questions, and answers. At the end of the test, one can analyze the wrongly answered questions against the correct questions. Categorywise scoring is provided for knowing the areas for further study. Demo tests are limited 20 questions each. Please visit www.simulationexams.com for other practice tests and more information.

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