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Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition



The java 2 Platform, Standard Edition is at the core of Java technology, and version 1.4 raises the Java platform to a higher standard. From client to server, from desktop to supercomputer, improvements have been made to J2SE across the board. With version 1.4, enterprises can now use Java technology to develop more demanding business applications with less effort and in less time.

Version 1.4 builds upon the current J2SE platform and provides even more features for developers to build into their applications. More functionality in 1.4 means developers can now spend less time writing custom code to accomplish what is now part of the core J2SE platform. The result is faster application programming with more consistency for enterprise development initiatives.

New features in J2SE 1.4 also reduce the developers reliance on other technologies such as C or C++, PERL, or SSL and DOM implementations in browsers. This allows developers to use a single technology to develop, test, and deploy end-to-end enterprise applications and solutions. Most anything you want to do, you can do in J2SE version 1.4.

Version 1.4 provides more ways for developers leverage existing systems without changing their underlying platforms. Version 1.4 provides additional support for industry standards technologies such as XML, DOM, SSL, Kerberos, LDAP and CORBA to ensure operability across heterogeneous platforms, systems, and environments. Additionally, developers and software vendors may now use a new Endorsed Standards Override Mechanism in version 1.4 to provide newer versions of endorsed standards, such as CORBA, as they become available.

Massive Scalability / Record-Breaking Performance
J2SE version 1.4 brings Java technology to new levels of scalability and performance. With support very large memory configurations and ultra-fast I/O, version 1.4 allows for entirely new classes of applications to be written using Java technology. No mater what style of development - servlets, EJBs, or rich client applications - developers will experience immediate scalability and performance benefits from adopting this super-charged release.

Record Breaking Performance
J2SE version 1.4 smashes performance records for enterprise scalability. Using the SPECjbb2000 Java Business Benchmark on a three-tier server system, version 1.4 shows an improvement of 58% over J2SE version 1.3.1. Dramatic improvements have also been made for Java client applications. Internal testing on JFC/Swing based applications on J2SE version 1.4 shows a 20%-80% performance gain over version 1.3.1.

64-bit Support
64-bit support provides Java technology developers with near limitless amounts of memory for high-performance, high-scalability computing. While previous J2SE releases were limited to addressing 4 gigabytes of RAM, version 1.4 allows Java applications to access hundreds of gigabytes of RAM. This enables developers to drive more applications and very large datasets into memory, and avoids the performance overhead of reading data in from a disk or from a database. The result is significantly faster processing for business intelligence, data mining, engineering and scientific applications.

And since the core J2SE platform handles 64-bit processing, developers can take advantage of the benefits of 64-bit computing without rewriting their existing Java applications.

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