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BOSONs MS Install & Config Win200



Covers objectives for BosonsĀ® Installing, Configuring and Administering Windows 2000 Professional exam (70-210), which counts towards mcse certification.

Exam Details: What you need to know for the exam
How to install Windows 2000 Professional from a CD
How to install Windows 2000 Professional from over a network
How to install Windows 2000 Professional using Remote
Installation Services
How to install Windows 2000 Professional using the SYSPREP tool
How to upgrade previous versions of Windows to Windows 2000
Differences between FAT, FAT32, NTFS4 and NTFS5 file systems
Converting from one file system to another
How file compression works
How Encrypting File System works
How to share folders
Permissions for shared folders on an NTFS volume
Differences between Basic and Dynamic volumes
Installing, managing and sharing print devices
How to install and manage hardware
Support for portable computers
Understand how Plug and Play works in Windows 2000
How to configure the desktop environment
Configuring W2KPro for different languages and locales
Windows FAX services
Accessibility options available in W2KPro
Understand Windows File Protection and driver signing
Analyzing system performance and identifying bottlenecks
How W2KPro interoperates with NetWare
How W2KPro interoperates with UNIX
Data Recovery using Data Recovery Agent
Windows Backup Technology
Troubleshooting the TCP/IP protocol
Dial-up networking and Virtual Private Networks
Managing local user accounts
Managing local user groups
Working with system policies
Working with Incremental security Templates

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