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MCSE Masterpack 4



microsoft MCSE Study Guide & Questions. Covers Core Exams 70-10, 70-15, 70-16, 70-17 measures your ability to implement, administer, and troubleshoot Windows 000 as a operating system in any network environment with emphasis on actual exam questions. Includes Windows 000 Professional, Server, Active Directory, and Network Infrastructure topics including implementing and conducting administration of resources; implementing,& managing IT operations. exam focuses on the following server roles: file and print, database, messaging, proxy server or firewall, dial-in server, desktop management, and Application server (including Web hosting server). Connectivity needs include connecting individual offices and users at remote locations to the corporate network, and connecting corporate networks to the Internet. Also explains DNS, DHCP, Remote Access, Network Protocols, WINS, and IP Routing. In addition, measures the skills required to manage, monitor, and troubleshoot Network Address Translation (NAT) and Certificate Services. Explains and then tests you on Active Directory, DNS for Active Directory, the components of Active Directory, Active Directory security solutions, as well as change and configuration management. Wheelertech was founded in early 1999, in order to help the flood of students studying for the prestigious MCSE! Since we had also gone through the MCSE study cycle, we knew there were shortfalls in the area of exam materials. The most notable shortfalls were 1) the cost of the materials, and ) the quality of the materials. So we decided to make good materials at a price students could afford. Many companies spend a lot of money (thus making you spend lots of money) making their programs really complicated. Not us! Weve kept in mind whats important: quality questions and a price that you can afford!.

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