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Liberator Pro




Liberator PRO from Broadframe provides a cost-effective ADSL Protocol Analyzer (AAL5 packet) and an ADSL Network Simulator for use in the development and testing of ADSL equipment. Liberator PRO provides powerful protocol analysis capabilities to engineers and technicians by capturing, decoding and displaying the detailed contents of the ADSL ATM AAL5 packets passed across an ADSL line. Liberator PRO is the first ADSL protocol analyzer to provide the user with visibility of nested packet headers directly on the ADSL line. Liberator PRO displays the contents of ADSL-specific encapsulation protocols such as RFC1483/2684, PPPoA and PPPoE.

Data Sheet (pdf format)


ADSL Protocol Analysis for developing and testing ADSL equipment and connections.
Captures ADSL ATM AAL5 packets in both directions on the ADSL line attached to Liberator.
DSL Protocol Support (protocol decode)
ATM AAL5 packets over ADSL
RFC 1483/2684 LLC SNAP
RFC 2516 PPPoE
PPP LCP, CHAP, PAP and related protocols
IP, TCP and related protocols
Other decodes under development.
User-Friendly Protocol Analyzer GUI
Summary sub-window displays a single packet
Detail sub-window shows a complete decode of the selected packet.
Packets may be searched or filtered to simplify decode.
ADSL encapsulation protocols are automatically detected.
Full ADSL Network Simulator (CO side)
Encapsulates several popular ADSL protocols.
Configures and monitors ADSL link parameters
Consult the Liberator Data sheet for more information

Functional Description

Liberator PRO consists of the Liberator PRO chassis, ADSL interface card, processor card, and application software than runs on the Central Office-side PC (CO PC). A complete system diagram is shown in Figure 1.

An ADSL Customer Premises Unit (CPE, such as a modem, router, or IAD) connects to Liberator PRO over telephone cable. An ADSL connection is established when the CPE and Liberator have synchronized (called showtime).

Liberator PRO and the CPE can pass data to one another. Most encapsulation protocols that run in the CPE are accepted and terminated in Liberator PROs Network Simulator.

Liberator PRO is connected to the CO PC via 10BaseT Ethernet. The CO PC runs host applications (Web server, FTP server, etc.), and Graphical User Interface (GUI) software for Liberator PRO.

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