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MPLS Network Simulator



The MPLS network simulator(MNS) has been implemented by extending Network Simulator(NS) on Sun Unix System.

MNS is executed on ns-2.1b6 program, NS version 2.1.

The primary purpose of this work is to develop a simulator that enables to simulate various MPLS applications without constructing a real MPLS network.

Now, there are two available versions in MNS.

1. MNS v1.0
MNS 1.0 supports the following MPLS functions;

Label Switching -- label swapping/stacking operation, TTL decrement, and penultimate hop popping
LDP Protocol -- handling LDP messages (Request, Mapping, Withdraw, Release, and Notification)
CR-LDP Protocol -- handling CR-LDP messages (Request and Mapping)
Flow Aggregation -- aggregate fine flows into a coarse flow
The capability of MNS related to setting up LSP is as follows;

In LSP Trigger Strategy -- support control-driven and data-driven trigger.
In Label Allocation and Distribution Scheme -- support only downstream scheme in control-driven trigger, and both upstream and downstream-on-demand scheme in data-driven trigger.
In Label Distribution Control Mode-- support only independent mode in control-driven trigger, and both independent and ordered mode in data-driven trigger.
In Label Retention Mode -- support only conservative mode.
ER-LSP based on CR-LDP -- established based on the path information pre-defined by user.

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