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Our product will help you prepare and pass the Cisco Certified Network Professional (ccnp™) BSCI exam. The CCNP™ BSCI exam is a tough exam and without the hands-on experience with Cisco routers and switches, passing this exam is nearly impossible. RouterSim has the only Cisco router and switch simulator on the market that will prepare you to pass this tough exam!

The largest benefit provided with CCNP™ BSCISim 640-901 is that you do not have the enormous cost of equipment needed to practice and configure hands-on with Cisco routers and switches. The cost of the lab used to create the CCNP™ BSCISim 640-901 lists for over $15,000!

The CCNP™ BSCISim product will prepare you for the CCNP™ BSCI exam by simulating a three router, three-switch internetwork. All the commands needed to pass your CCNP™ BSCI exam is in this new product.

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