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CCNP SwitchSim



Get the hands-on you need to pass your ccnp™ 640-604 Switching exam with our Cisco® switching simulator.

This advanced switching simulator will work you through a Catalyst 5000 switch configuration that is loaded with a Supervisor II module, a 10/100 card and a Route Switch Module (RSM) for ISL routing configuration. Also included in our new CCNP™ SwitchSim are two enterprise edition 1912EN switches that allows full command-line interface (CLI) configuration using the Cisco IOS. A 2621 router with FastEthernet connection into the 5000 series switch provides ISL routing configuration practice on an external route processor.

The largest benefit provided with CCNP™ SwitchSim 640-604 is that you do not have the enormous cost of equipment needed to practice and configure hands-on with Cisco switches. The cost of the lab used to create the CCNP™ SwitchSim lists for over $30,000!

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