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Chaos Router Simulator



The Chaos Router Simulator simulates a detailed model of k-ary n-cube networks. These include such common topologies as multi-dimensional mesh and torus networks and hypercube networks. It supports both packet- and wormhole-switched networks, and routes packets using either Chaotic adaptive routing or dimension-order oblivious routing using a variety of traffic patterns.

In batch mode, the simulator runs until the statistics collected converge. Statistics are reported on throughput, latency, and many other interesting aspects of the simulation. Networks of arbitrary dimension can be simulated. However, because the simulations are detailed, networks of more than 4096 nodes require a very long time to simulate. (There are exceptions to this.)

In animated mode, real-time animation of the progress of the simulation is displayed. A graphical user-interface is provided which allows run-time choices of many simulation details. This can be really interesting to watch, and must be seen to be believed!

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