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AET Tracer Lite



AET Tracer Lite is a award winning network analysis and visualization tool, wich should be used on a computer connected to the internet. the AET Tracer is used to trace routing paths to arbitrary internet addresses (other computers on the internet). This can come in handy when you want to trace an abusers (hacker/spammer) geographical position. Or to discover and analyse bottlenecks on the network. Or if you just want to know the location of the person you are chating with on the internet. The routing between your computer and the address you choose to trace is presented to you in an appealing graphical user interface. You will be able to view each jump between the routers on a world map. With animations and sound effects to enhance the expirience. In addition to the tastefull graphics you will also receive extensive information of each router presented in a table. The program holds extensive databases over the top domains and countries on the internet. The AET Tracer program also offers a one click interface to the Whois-servers of your choise. A lot of work have been done to let the user configure the appearence of the trace, offering extensive graphics and GUI settings.

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Publisher:AET Data Consulting
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