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ActivXperts Network Monitor



ActivXperts Network Monitor makes sure your servers in your network are functioning well. It provides numerous ways to avoid and detect serious errors on your network servers.

The core of the product runs as a service on a Windows NT/2000 workstation or server; all statistics can be viewed by the client application, which can be installed on any desktop PC. Also, the client application is the tool to define new rules and change properties.

ActivXperts Network Monitor supports: ICMP checking, TCP connectivity checking, service state detection, event log content checking, disk space checking, database access (Oracle, ODBC, MS SQL) checking, and many more. You can even write your own check routines in VBScript and add them to the software configuration. VBscript enables WMI (Windows Management Interface) based rules.

ActivXperts Network Monitor automatically notifies the system administrator(s) when a server is in a critical condition. Alerts are sent via email, network messages, or by pager. Also, programs, batchfiles or VBScript programs can be triggered automatically upon a server state change. Servers can be rebooted when needed, or services can be restarted. You can write your own actions using VBScript.

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