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AET Tracer PRO



AET Tracer PRO exists largely because of the need to track and report network abusers.
All you need is the abusers IP address and AET Tracer PRO will do the rest.
AET Tracer will track the path the network packets travel from your computer to the abusers.
The tracer will resolve IP addresses and names for the routers along the way.
With the help of advanced algorithms and extensive databases the program will also display other
valuable information for each hop of the trace such as geographical position and ping time.
Once the trace is finished a range of other tools can be used to find out a lot more information
about the abuser. You may use the Whois tool, wich can show you information about who owns the IP
address wich belongs to the abuser. A Whois query displays a lot of information about the owner wich usually
is the ISP (Internet Service Provider).
Another tool wich might come in handy is the TCP Port Scanner.
The port scanner can search the abusers computer for open ports/services. The information that there is a service
running on a specific port, or even that there is not, is often valuable information.
AET Tracer PROs most powerful tool is probably the Abuse Reporter. The Abuse Reporter will compile and send an
abuse report e-mail to the abusers ISP. The repoter can work totally automatic or ask for input and validation for each abuse report.
The last tool, the Netstat display, is the only tool that is not used on specific traces, instead its
made to monitor your own computers netwok adapters. Netstat will show you if there is any Trojan horses or remote
administration tools active on your computer. It will also indicate any attempt to hack your computer in real time.

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