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NDS 8.0 Advanced Tools



The Advanced NDS Tools and diagnostics Curriculum instructs the learner how to use NDS health check tools to proactively maintain a network by performing regular system checks. The curriculum teaches why and how to maintain server logs, as well as a test environment and it introduces learners to the features of NDS and troubleshooting tactics. It teaches server background processes, as well as how to perform partition and replica operations within the Novell NDS environment. It covers how to remove a server, how to amend the properties of a server, how to verify process completion and synchronize replicas, and how to resolve common NDS issues. This curriculum consists of three Skill Builder courses: Course 82731 Advanced NDS Tools and Diagnostics Part 1 Course 82732 Advanced NDS Tools and Diagnostics Part 2 Course 82733 Advanced NDS Tools and Diagnostics Part 3 Certification: This curriculum prepares candidates for exams 50-648, 50-651, and covers the Certified Directory Engineer Program (CDE).

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